Blackout Poetry Contest 2019-20

Congratulations to this year's winners! With quarantining, we decided to have 2 contests--one for a digital blackout poem and one for a traditional poem. Michelle Padilla won first place for her digital poem (Poem #2). Ella DeMordaunt won for her traditional blackout poem (Poem #6). We want to thank all of the participants, especially during a quarantine! We love them all. 
Also, thank you to all of our staff judges!

Digital Blackout Poems

"Sincerely, The Poet"--Poem #1
Sometimes life
Really sucks
I'm holding on
To the moments that don't suck.
Smile and know this:
We can mend each other.
Cayden Ginting--Poem #3
Burning with curiosity,
She ran after it,
Never once considering
How to get out again.
Not a moment to think
About stopping herself
Falling deep,
What was going to happen next?
Michelle Padilla--Poem #2
download (1).png
A wish on the horizon
Never turns away in resignation.
Dreams mock time and remember everything.
They don't forget the truth.
Their eyes open in sundown;
The time to hear human mouths.
Their burning statements, questions and words.
Altogether like harmony in a song.
Kassidy Coleman--Poem #4
During her short life
One thing troubled her.
The place she had known
She couldn't you go
A nice house where
We will grow old.
Michelle Padilla--Poem #5
The sweet scent of raw wood in the still night.
The sea whistles,
Heading for the cheerful oysters.
The commanding sea before them
Ministers the windburned seamen.
Ships carved from oak,
Faded blue backdrops and
Diaphanous golden shells--
Open for the sand like offerings.

Hand-Drawn/Digitally-Drawn Blackout Poems

Christine Natal--Poem #1
She thinks of the boy now.
It is better to search for a clear voice
That can carry her in a storm
Made by the devil.
Jessica Stock--Poem #3
Through wind, turnings, and deaths, The sun still moves up and down
And the stars still shift.
Listen, believe, love--
You can be powerful and good.
Justina Schenken--Poem #5
His pocket
A cup of delight
His card
A very dreadful darkened
A face pointing
That waved good-bye.
Pam Tojin--Poem #7

"Apollo & Hyacinthus"

You're still alive

but I live in the world

where you're a funeral

promise broken

I'm talking to you as a memory,

meaningless things.

I just want you

the way you left

I'm reliving all of it.

History is all you left me.

Emilie Velasco--Poem #2
In a moment
The world found her wonder
And it looked at her for fear
So she thought nothing of it,
Even if the fall never was over.
Winy Chen--Poem #4
A fight is going on inside me,
It is between two wolves
Evil and good.
The same fight is going on inside
Every other person, too.
Which wolf will win?
The one you feed.
Ella DeMordaunt--Poem #6
download (1).png
In a world fraught with
Conflict, guilt, and dismay,
We discover who we really are.
We were created to be old frames,
Building life into a masterpiece.
Julieta Ramos--Poem #8

The sacred steps

The fleets of ships

Beyond the limits

of the magnificent river

A dream that we dream

Became imbued with understanding.

Roxanne Natal--Poem #9


A phrase she didn't recall.

The lying reality,

She had turned to.